Dating twin sisters

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Dating twin sisters

I knocked Glenton’s flashlight out of his hand saying, “Jeeze, are you trying to get me shot? At the other end was a low bench like you’d find in a school playground. It seemed more than 20 before she stood up and said, “Right, now for the other side.”She stepped around behind me and positioned herself by my right buttock, facing the girls as before. Just then, the phone in the kitchen rang.“Stay right there,” she said, “don’t move a muscle! She disappeared through the kitchen door to pick up the phone.

I had always had ‘issues’ with the twins; squabbling, arguing, sometimes even fighting.

”Next, I heard Catherine’s voice saying, “Arthur’s drinking alcohol. There was no point in me bringing it up – it would only make matters worse.“Girls – on the bench! Up until then, it was the pain of the spanking that was upmost in my mind, but as time passed, with nothing much happening except the muffled voice of my mother from the other room, I became more and more humiliated that I was positioned so, naked before my sisters. Meanwhile, on the bench, I could hear choking sounds as the twins tried to stifle their laughter. A wrist bumped my balls as another hand, warmer this time, grabbed my willy and gave it two sharp, hard tugs, stretching the skin so that it hurt. Whack, one in the middle again.“Now stand up with your hands on your head.

I’m going to show you what happens to wicked boys who look up girls’ skirts! I carefully wiggled my feet so that, at least, I could slowly bring my legs together.“Mum! ”Looking up at the internal window I saw my mother cover the mouthpiece. Around the base, it felt like it was almost torn off. Turn around and apologise to your sisters.”How could I look them in the face? Standing naked in front of them I said I was sorry.“What for?

Recently, I was given advice that I should tell someone I trusted all about the experience, and that perhaps that would clear the way for it to fade from my memory.

As I don’t really have anyone that close that I could trust, I have decided to tell my story here, in the hope that will be almost as good.

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