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1813 The business passed from Joseph Balden to his cousin, William Avery, who brought in his brother Thomas Avery.

1731 The original owner of the company was James Ford The company passed from Ford to William Barton, then Thomas Beach and Joseph Balden, husband of Mary Avery In the early part of the nineteenth century the business passed to the Avery family.Averys was closely concerned with Government departments for more than 50 years in connection with the policy and framing of weights and measures legislation.1974 Developed automatic weighing machines to cope with high volumes of both free and non-free flowing products. The company became Avery Berkel in 1993 when GEC acquired the Dutch company Berkel. Avery there was a continual expansion by the acquisition of other companies to form the Group.Approximately 50,000 weighing machines were repaired for users each year.The company normally expects to answer a call on the day it is received and provides a Saturday emergency service for retailers, and special services to manufacturers having continuous processes.

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Overpayment on outgoing mail can incur an additional expense of 10% to 15% on postage for businesses, which makes the products featured in the best postal scale reviews really essential.

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