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For those who are wondering, my inspiration for this is actually the (currently offline) Paiste Only Wiki and I do intend to provide a Model based index, and better cross indexing generally.

This quick index is quick because there aren't any images. You can email me at: zenstat aka Steve Black, Ph D -- retired statistician and general gatherer of information about cymbals.

I'm familiar with the production eras so I tend to use the year by year timeline as my quick index into the gallery.

Avedis by Years This is a quick access year by year timeline including which models came in when and were discontinued (as I get to it).

When the question is about cymbals there doesn't seem to be a really good place to turn.

If yours are or aren't, what year and series are yours?In addition you need to know condition, and a few other factors.I've presented work on pricing of Paiste 602s and Sound Creations and have been collecting data on sales since 2005.A mom and pop shop is probably more likely to have sequential numbers than a bigger store. were embossed/are engraved before we match the pairs.I'm guessing most that are purchased together would at least have numbers that are close however. If I recall correctly, when I ordered my 15" from a big ebay seller, one of the cymbals had arrived from his distributor or Paiste damaged, so he had to order another and the top and bottom are pretty far off. So understandably, if you got them used, or replaced, that would explain why they'd not be be sequentially numbered. were embossed/are engraved before we match the pairs. Hope this helps Best regards Christian So it appears that sound matching and pairing USED to be done before numbering.

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I purchased both pairs new from different music stores, many years apart, and they are different series as well.

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