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Then they check out their matches' profiles and connect with them.

Since it's October, let's celebrate it with some seasonal Vancouver Superdates.

If they both approve of “herbal” medicine, they could make a pumpkin carving session extra creative (or a haunted house tour extra terrifying).

With the new Parq Casino open, they could stop by and put on black (and a win could mean their next date might be somewhere tropical for the holidays).

Make sure your profile is up to date and be specific about your interests and hobbies.

It is difficult to talk about ourselves, so ask your friends for help.

When people think of memorable dates they've had or fun times with new friends, it was the experience that created those connections.

That time spent together in real life enjoying shared passions made all the difference.

After picking out any activities they want to try, they’re matched with people who're interested in the same ones.

Expansion to major international cities coming soon.

Cairns offers these useful tips: Everyone you meet will not turn out to be a perfect match, so you want to keep it a little more anonymous than the everyday email you use with your family and friends.

This means singles not only meet offline sooner but build a stronger first connection through a fun, shared experience.” - Stevan Perry, Superdate CEO Ask any Vancouverite about the local dating scene and they’ll probably say it’s rough.

But they do know this city has unlimited potential for a good time.

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Meet in a public area and don't tell them where you live.

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