Dating in egypt alexandria

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Dating in egypt alexandria

From that time began a long struggle by the Alexandrian Jews to confirm their rights.

8), but generally it relied on the Greeks of Alexandria for help, which fact caused a great rift between the Jews and the rest of the population early in their rule.

At first the Egyptian Jews transliterated their names into Greek, or adopted Greek names that sounded like Hebrew ones (e.g., Alcimus for Eliakim, or Jason for Joshua), but later they often adopted Greek equivalents of Hebrew names (e.g., Dositheos for Jonathan, Theodoras for Jehonathan).

Gradually Egyptian Jewry adopted any Greek name (even those of foreign gods), and among the Zeno Letters only 25% of the names are Hebrew.

370); and, (c) tax collecting (a government executive job) and sometimes in the = prayer), and tablets were often erected dedicating the synagogue to the king and the royal family. But from the second century on there was a rapid Hellenization.

At first the Jewish immigrants spoke only Aramaic, and documents from the third century and the first half of the second century show a widespread knowledge of Aramaic and Hebrew (cf. Documents were written in Greek, the Pentateuch was read in the synagogue with the Septuagint translation, and even such a writer as Philo probably knew no or little Hebrew.

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However, the Jews were more observant of the Sabbath and dietary laws than those of Alexandria.