Dating in co donegal

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Dating in co donegal

She travelled to her home in Derry before going to Letterkenny University Hospital to see her surviving child and to identify the bodies of the rest of her family.'My heart is shattered,' she said, as she described Mr Mc Grotty as a wonderful partner and adoring father and spoke of her 'disbelief, pain and anger'.It has got nothing to do with me - that is all about money.'I am not interested in money. Jesus, how would you feel if you saw five people die? I get nightmares and I am struggling.' Mr Walsh jumped into the water to help when an Audi Q7 jeep slid off the slipway in Buncrana, Donegal, Northern Ireland and ploughed into the Lough Swilly.

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A hero who dived into freezing water to save a baby girl in a tragedy that killed a family of five today slammed his former girlfriend who is suing over the stress of watching them die.

Davitt Walsh says his ex Stephanie Knox, who witnessed the horror unfold, is 'wrong' to try and claim compensation - adding: 'I am having no part of it.' Speaking exclusively to Mail Online, Mr Walsh said: 'What I feel is that this is all wrong. It was a miracle that I came out alive.'I am struggling to move on.

Ms Knox has controversially lodged a claim for 'loss of earnings' as a result of the accident.

She sent a letter claiming compensation to the Mc Grotty family - although her sister today claimed that she is suing the local council.

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