Dating guys online from east europe

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Now, I understand that this falls under that trapping of social media that's been widely documented: We've become a culture of approval addicts, our well-being becoming tied to likes, shares, and retweets.

Sure, I was succumbing to this phenomenon by hinging my mood on what this stranger was doing, but as always with these ambiguous interactions, I strongly believed that it couldn't mean nothing. While all of social media fulfills that weird need to a certain extent, allowing us to posture an embellished life for the approval of others, this connection—with a man, over things like throw pillows—was defying that clichéd dynamic at the heart of many heterosexual relationships: I want you to want to pick out paint colors.

From a romantic partner I actually knew, this would have been kind of hot, but on Pinterest, it seemed glaringly out of place.

I realized then that I wasn't pursuing this "relationship" in any real way, I was hooked on the fantasy it planted in my head, of a man who'd appreciate the stuff I liked—and that's mainly what it is, just stuff.

But as for real life, as long as I've got someone to listen to me, and make me laugh, on a couch they've never noticed, I suppose that's what matters, even if it is a damn good couch.And certainly those I follow, who I gathered mostly for home and style inspiration and possibly a little dose of DIY ambition, skew almost entirely female.I went to Pinterest to find mommies with perfectly decorated living rooms and creative taste in costume jewelry, so a guy seemed like pure novelty.Finally, here was a venue to express what I'd suspected all along: I have great taste. For me, Pinterest became an expression of my singular personal style that I couldn't always manifest in real life: an eclectic dream home combining mid-century Danish with a slightly preppy vibe; and a cool-girl wardrobe anchored in black leather and men's dress shirts. I curiously clicked over to see the profile of someone with such similar, varied taste, and was immediately hooked.I found myself repinning pretty zealously before thinking to check out who the person was.

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I know what you're thinking: I was becoming a little unhinged.

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