Dating gibson acoustic guitars

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At the same time, the body was taken to renowned Nashville luthier, Joe Glaser, and the body only was refinished in the original Blonde color.

This affects all Strat or Tele bridges with the ‘block’ saddles instead of the bent steel pieces of the vintage Fender design, like the American Standard bridge, or vintage Schecter bridges and consequently also the Dream Machine Tremolo and Tele bridges.

Still, he thought that selling guitars was a good idea, and decided to go into business for himself.

Grande acoustics In 1975 O’Hagan set up his own importing company and began marketing Grande brand acoustic guitars from Japan.

O’Hagan was so impressed with the quality of these Yamaki guitars that he looked into the possibility of importing them into the U.

S., but found out there was some sort of legal restriction in the way.

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I found that you need to make sure that both of the Allen screws used for the height adjustment have firm contact to the bridge base plate. Otherwise it is possible that one of them has no direct contact to the bridge plate at all; the bridge saddle will stand on one screw only then.

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