Dating game theme

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Dating game theme

It’s not exactly what most people think of when they hear the term ladies man. Not to mention the fact that most girls have had the stuff he teaches tried on them at least a couple times by now.

The book was an international bestseller after all and Mystery had a large following even before The Game.

Once downloaded, Tinder recover some of your data on your Facebook profile: That’s it, your profile Tinder is ready for mass appeal! (If you forget, take a look at the The Social Network). ” replica, to tell if the person in front of you is beautiful or not.

Tinder whole concept is based on information from Facebook.

You’ll laugh and cry but mostly cringe as Style awkwardly narrates his adventures, which feature fake breasted strippers, out-of-control rock stars, and dirty hot tubs.

He’s credited with playing a big role in the art of seduction or “pick-up” but, just like we eventually advanced past hitting a girl over the head with a club and dragging her back to your cave by her hair, game has changed drastically over the years as it’s evolved and adapted.

There are plenty of other guys these days that can give you just as much insight into what women want and how to be an attractive man without all the weird shit and forced routines.

The first thing I notice about The Game is the book’s black (imitation) leather cover and metallic gold lettering.

It almost reminds me of the Bible, that’s if the holy book had gold-plated silhouettes of women posing suggestively on the front.

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