Dating for autistic people dating service no credit card

Posted by / 11-Nov-2020 11:26

Spectrum Singles essentially came about because Cantu and her mother found it difficult to explain to friends and family members who weren’t autistic what issues they were having or why they needed to have some space during times of anxiety.

When you do become a member, there are more advanced features like private messaging and bookmarking.Besides the fact that this is a one-of-a-kind dating site for individuals on the autism spectrum, Cantu said they stand out because they are very personal with the Spectrum Singles community.“We take time to personally review every profile that comes in,” Cantu said.As this number is so high, it's truly a community issue; most people know someone touched by the disorder.Despite a difference in brain function, though, autism is highly considered just that: a difference, not a disability.

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Mother-daughter duo Kristen Fitzpatrick and Olivia Cantu may be changing the autism community for the better with Spectrum Singles, their dating site for people with autism.