Dating fear being hurt

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Source: Shutter Stock Show your BF that you enjoy alone time by doing what you want to do sometimes!

If you're going to give him alone time, don't spend it texting him to ask him what's going on.

For example, my boyfriend waited a few months to meet my family.

I didn't push him to do it and he didn't want to because he was nervous... Source: Shutter Stock Believe me, I know how tempting it can be to start pressuring him to do stuff.

If he's scared because he doesn't want to be tied to one girl or because he wants to do whatever he wants, beware - this might not be worth your time.

Source: Shutter Stock A lot of the time, guys are scared of commitment because they're worried they're never going to have time to themselves anymore.Show your guy that won't happen by giving him alone time.My boyfriend and I don't hang out every day - I give him days to himself where he can hang with his friends, watch TV or just sleep.It just means you need to be prepared to take things slow.Source: Shutter Stock No matter what you do, do not settle.

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But when I first met him, he was scared of commitment.

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