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David Fumero took over the role from June 26, 1998, until September 8, 2011.The role was recast with David Fumero, who stepped into the role on June 26, 1998 until October 28, 2003; and briefly between November 5, 2004 to February 14, 2005, before returning again in September 1, 2005, playing the role until September 8, 2011.Even though they’re not as highly-touted as the SCORPIO X CAPRICORN couple, LEO X CAPRICORN definitely fit under #GOALS!Like Christmas in July, LEO X CAPRICORN play by their own rules.Berry and Martinez confirmed their engagement in March 2012, and married in France on July 13, 2013. “After meeting Fred Armisen in October 2008, they became engaged in January 2009, and married on October 25, 2009, in Long Island City, New York.They separated in June 2010, and in September, Moss filed for divorce, which was finalized on May 13, 2011.” – wikipedia “Elisabeth Moss has no regrets about walking away from her short-lived marriage to comedian Fred Armisen” – nytimes This slideshow requires Java Script.They’re the classy, power couple and they always look good together.

His son with Dunaway, Liam Dunaway O’Neill, was born in 1980.It was puppy love at first sight when they first met at a party in Angel Square.Despite their differences and their parents disapproval, Jessica and Cristian continued a relationship.I mean, they don’t always stay coupled up, their problems are magnified and scandalized with the public, and they’re usually flocked with fans who want to get with them.Whether they are paired up with another celebrity or have a non-famous partner, they often are left estranged and their personal identity muddled with all the rumors and the image they project.

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