Dating a sorority girl

Posted by / 18-Jun-2020 12:58

Dating a sorority girl

I know I am late, but do the girls care if you’re in Greek life or not?

And what were your experiences in a fraternity and/or dating sorority girls?

They will be happily promiscuous in the first two years of college.

I met this sorority girl in my large lecture class and I don’t know how to approach her. Greek life, at least in my college experience was all about fitting into a common culture that everyone in that culture agreed on, and you as a non-greek person don't fit in.

What are your experiences dating/hooking up with sorority girls while NOT being in a fraternity or even a student? You're a constant outsider to their circle, and have a perpetual flaw when compared to the frat guys she's hanging out with.

I went out with my ex during college and she was in a sorority. It was a lot of fun but she was very busy with a lot of things.

She was hit on by a lot of fraternity guys but it never bothered me because we had full trust of each other and she never gave any attention to them. It generally rejects the "serial monogamy" loyal girlfriend / loyal boyfriend norm that young people today impose on themselves as early as middle school.

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Some guys are even blacklisted after they break up with a girl.