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Possessed of this new knowledge, Lorgar returned to the Great Crusade.

Where previously the Word Bearers had been criticised for their slow progress, enforced by their drive to cast down primitive idols and replace them with those of the Emperor, now their rate of conquest was prodigious.

Taking his place in the Great Crusade, Lorgar led his Legion across the stars, fuelled by a fiery religious zeal.

Wherever the Legion encountered the idols of any god that might rival the Emperor in the devotion of the people, they cast them down and ground them to dust, and in their place erected towering monuments to the glory of the Emperor, forcing the conquered to kneel before them and offer up praises to the new God of Mankind.

The priests of this primitive faith preached that one day, a supreme being would come to lead them into a new age.

Lorgar was raised within the Covenant's greatest temple, learning all its secret rites and texts and compiling a vast body of his own wisdom that came to be known as "the Word." When the Emperor finally came to Colchis, the Primarch saw in the Master of Humanity the being spoken of in the ancient Colchisian prophecy.

After the Legion was reunited with its lost Primarch, he renamed the XVII Legion the Word Bearers, which was in line with his belief that the Emperor of Mankind was the divine saviour of humanity.

At present, the Word Bearers' greatest foes amongst the servants of the Emperor are the Ultramarines and their Successor Chapters, who the Word Bearers have hated and seen as rivals since the time of the Great Crusade.

The Word Bearers are the scions of the Primarch Lorgar, the Dark Apostle of Chaos and first of the Primarchs to be corrupted by the Ruinous Powers.

At Calth, a world in the Ultramarines' domain of Ultramar, the full fury of the Word Bearers was unleashed, and it was only after much death and destruction that the Legion was repulsed.

Though it can never be conclusively proven, it appears that Lorgar's intentions in committing so completely to attacking the Ultramarines was not entirely based on jealousy.

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In so doing, the Word Bearers tied up the single biggest Legion at a time when it was most needed.