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Damien molony dating

His performance is obviously so fantastic because it’s so subtle.

It’s in his eyes and I think it’s amazing to watch.

He is really mesmerising and the character that he’s playing is just disgusting.

DM: He has earwax dribbling out of his ear the whole time, he’s just disgusting.

We get some little scenes with him pulling strings with myself and Tom individually where he becomes more powerful and where he’s like, ‘why are you wasting your time with idiots like Tom?

’, so he boosts my ego and he’s also boosting Tom’s ego saying ‘that guy Hal is talking down to you, how do you take that? He feeds off this conflict and it’s only really by the end of the series that we fully realise what he’s been doing to us. Now that the show’s reset with a new supernatural threesome, how is it going to avoid retreading old ground?

We’re sat in the dining room of the Maedy Hotel, Pencoed, a place that was still being reviewed by guests on Tripadvisor as late as November 2011 (three stars, in case you were wondering).

So how do Hal and Tom end up working at the hotel ('s major new location for series five)?We come in and we have an interview - obviously mine is a lot shorter than Tom’s - and we get the job.It’s kind of a wonderful springboard for the relationships to cross over again and get stronger and there are wonderful moments of comedy.DM: He is this kind of hidden presence all the time.Even the actor, we find him just, walking down the stairs and you go, ‘oh Jesus’.

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Hal absolutely doesn’t trust himself and it’s really that Tom and Alex have taken the decision that because he’s almost on the brink of normality they think he’s ready to come out.

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