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Mel was moaning and panting loudly stroking my hair. I realized that she’d prepared for this evening very well. She passed her hand over my bulge and said in the tenderest voice possible: - Wait for another date, darling…

She was panting but I pressed her to me and she couldn’t tear away from me. I kissed her fabulous legs, penetrated her butt with my tongue.

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Mel was moving in pace with me and I was very happy everything happened this way. I pulled my dick out and my semen gushed onto her back, butt and legs. My hand moved to her pussy and started stroking it. I ejaculated into her girl’s mouth and she swallowed everything.

About 10 minutes later I built up the tempo and pumped my girl’s ass rhythmically stroking her belly and fondling her clit. When I was on the verge I squeezed her buttocks and suddenly burst out into her passage. She was literally milking me, caressing groin and bollocks. I licked her pussy, drinking her sweet juices, and massaged her anus.

I made an attempt to penetrate her hole with my finger but at that moment she pushed me away and with tears on her eyes covered her breast with a blouse.

My hand slid into her panties again and this time I fondled her longer. Mel kept silence and I saw a tear rushed down her cheek.

We can make love without deflowering you, – I pronounced and passed my hands over her thighs.

That’s why I hadn’t planned to get married even to such a beauty as Mel. I put her legs on my shoulders and started penetrating her… I began moving slowly and she was moaning and moaning quietly. I was fucking her fiercely and she was impaling herself on my cock with pleasure. All the evening long Mel looked at me tenderly stroking my hand.

I approached to her from behind, wrapped my arms around her and began stroking her hair. I decided there was no need to make the prelude too long. I felt rather comfortable inside and understood I wasn’t the first here. It hurt and she stopped me for a second, then we continued.

When my hand slid to her butt Mel shuddered and I felt she started trembling and her breathing got faster. I was stroking and pinching her nipples and my right hand went down to her trousers. When I finished with that, my fingers went inside her panties and reached her pussy.

She responded to my caress and obviously liked what was happening. A bit later my hand was again on her pants undoing the buttons, one after the other.

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