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Createuserwizard not validating

Alternatively, we could manage the approved and locked out statuses through a separate ASP. I decided not to replicate that functionality in the code associated with this tutorial because it worked by circumventing the Membership API and operating directly with the SQL Server database to change a user's password. Is Post Back Then ' If querystring value is missing, send the user to Manage Dim user Name As String = Request. Get User(user Name) If usr Is Nothing Then Response. Checking or unchecking the Check Box or clicking the Unlock User button causes a postback, but no modifications are made to the user account because we've yet to create event handlers for these events. Query String("user") Dim usr As Membership User = Membership. Because the user is not approved, they cannot login.

For example, a user might need to first verify their email address or be approved by an administrator before being able to login.In the tutorial we constructed a page that listed each user account in a paged, filtered Grid View.The grid lists each user's name and email, their approved and locked out statuses, whether they're currently online, and any comments about the user. Year Check Box is only checked if the user is approved.For example, you may be running a private website where all pages, except for the login and signup pages, are accessible only to authenticated users.But what happens if a stranger reaches your website, finds the signup page, and creates an account?

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This tutorial shows how to build a web page for administrators to manage users' locked out and approved statuses.