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Comcast norton not updating

If no satisfaction from them, then please stay tuned for yank. It also sounds like you have used the Norton Retail products in the past and there is no drop down option in NSS to enter Product Key as there is in the retail versions. Just to verify, did you upgrade to Win 10 prior to upgrading NSS? I downloaded again and everything looked good until attempting a Live Update.Please double check and be sure NSS is version (Support/Help Thanks for replying. That error code essentially said to remove software and start over.She never offered to Remote Into My Desktop and perform the fix herself. After changing the Group Policy Settings to disable Windows Defender and Using the Norton Removal Tool and Reinstalling NSS, everything appears to be working except the Activation Part. I decided to uninstall and reinstall one more time and that seems to have fixed the problem.At least the banner saying I need to activate is not showing up.However, if you remain reluctant to consider remote access, when you are speaking to a representative you might inquire about available documentation concerning the steps he/she would be performing if permitted. You can see what they are doing on your screen as they are working on your computer.I only wish they had given me a log of the changes they made, so it could be posted for other people having a similar problem.

Finally got tired of playing around with it and contacted Norton online chat support.I had this same problem two days ago when I reinstalled the most recent version of Norton Security Suite from a Comcast download on my newly updated Windows 10 operating system after removing the previous version using the Norton Removal Tool. After asking many nonsensical, irrelevant questions, the Comcast original representative transferred me to another Comcast technical specialist who eventually connected me to a Norton support specialist at Norton Support.He worked for about one-half hour using remote access to my computer. They were able to fix the problem, which entailed making several registry changes. I asked the support tech to tell me exactly what registry keys he changed, but he was reluctant to tell me.It had two choices - partial removal leaving personal settings and part of the old install on your computer or complete removal.I chose complete removal because I had no personal settings I cared about keeping and I wanted every norton file deleted.

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