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Claudia salgado dating

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The person who crosses the start line is never the same person that crosses the finish line.

The race and our city are inspired by the runners that come to take part.

A moment of silence was observed as a prayer for the victims and for the safe conduct of the race.

The men’s winner was Khalil Lemciyeh (Birhanu Legese regained the title he won two years ago after pulling away in the final 500m.

Female elites started the race ahead but Tapia caught the leading woman, Monicah Ngige () who was also making her debut at the distance, in the final stages.

Yeshaneh finished second for the second time in a row but improved her personal best by 33 seconds.

Loganathan Suriya, in eighth, finished in an Indian half marathon record of , breaking the record set by Lalita Babar in this same race in 2015 by 33 seconds.

The women’s race still had four in contention at 23km: Helah Kiprop, Tanzanian Failuna Matanga and the Ethiopian pair of Degitu Azimeraw and Dibabe Kuma.

With little over a kilometre to run Kuma dropped back and with 600m to go Azimeraw, in her first ever international race, sprinted for home to drop first the diminutive Matanga and then the ever-tenacious Kiprop.

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Joyciline Jepkosgei set her sixth world record of the year and her second at the half marathon by beating the time she ran back in March by a single second.

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