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Christain dating senior citizens kansas

A few days ago with the help of a Jewish Facebook group, a translation was made of his gravestone inscription for me.

I found out that my children's great grandfather Nicolas Liepner's original name was "Nachum" son of Shloma(o) Yaakov.

I’d like to use that specific picture (as no pictures like that exist in the public domain), but I don’t know what you did/steps you took to securing a copyright; I’ve never worked on a project that could involve copyright so I’m completely new to this! Hope to hear from you soon, - Steven I was reviewing your wealth of information on Radoshkovichi and found my husband’s 2nd great uncle, Zalman Shulman (grandfather to Arkady Shulman).

I am assuming, then, that there is a relation to you?

Your page had so much information on it so it was difficult to follow.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by his son, Rakhmiel Pukin Ema Pukin nee Levenberg was born in Kuldiga, Latvia in 1900 to Leib and Ester. As more people take the test we can compare and see for relation. She immigrated to France in 1949 and never talked about her past. Her mother, who was my great grandmother was Perel Krivitsky Hoffman. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by her cousin, Nekhama Hershkovitz Zupraner Chona Epstein was born in Ilja, Poland in 1910 to Lea. I know your time is valuable so any support you can provide would be very appreciated. Pat Morgan Communications Affordable Colleges Online About us: Affordable Colleges Online provides community resources and tools related to higher education with an eye on affordability and accreditation. If you do not wish to receive affordable college education resources, please visit us here: https:// 1916 Her great grandson; Vitaly Greyserman --My name is Vitaly Greyserman. It is also known that there were 5 brothers Berlin and all of them were rabbis from the very famous rabbinical family Berlin. S and they helped in order to include them on the first ship which took survivors to America) Do you have any knowledge of Lansdsliet Association ? Dear Sir/Madam, I am working on project conected to Shtetls in SMORGON area There are pictures made by German soldier Willy Romer during IWW He stationed probably in Kreva (they are pictures from Lida) We want to prepare exhibition these pictures with collaboration Goethe Institute. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by her brother, Rakhmiel Pukin Rakhil Pukin was born in Riga, Latvia in 1921 to Nakhman and Ema nee Levenberg. In 1946 the family came to America ( the mother had sisters in the U. Many thanks for taking the time to respond, never can tell when a new road will appear. I am a great granddaughter of Yudel Chait/ Khait born in Pasvalys or Birzai, Lithuania ( near Linkova) c 1865. A first cousin of my father , my brother my daughter and I took a DNA test with 23and me. If you are interested to add more families, we'll email the materials we have. Regards, Elena I am researching informations about my grantmother's Minna, (dead 2015), born in Vilnius around 1925, sent at the Mauthausen camp during the war. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by her acquaintance, Sara Mina Gurevitz Meyer Ragoler was born in Ariogala, Lithuania in 1903. Her parents were Harry Levitan & Sadie (Shaina) Hoffman Levitan. college-resource-center/ jewish-student-guide/ I would love to share this guide with your readers. Box 77022, San Francisco, CA 94107 or visit our privacy policy. Henna, wife of Rabbi Berlin 1901 submitted by her great great grandson; Vitaly Greyserman Esther Berkovna Berlin (1864-1951) lived in Vitebsk from 1880-1917 and Kharkov since1918, was buried in Moscow and was the daughter of a famous rabbi. my great-grandmother - nee Esther Berkovna Berlin (1864-1951) lived in Vitebsk from 1880-1917 and Kharkov since1918, was buried in Moscow and was the daughter of a famous rabbi. They have a total of 6 Grandchildren and three Great-grandchildren. His wife was Rakhel (don't know maiden name), changed to Rachel in U. I'm finding this to be a task of never-ending discovery, something I'm sure you found long ago. Some of them survived, the others were killed in Vileyka. My mother Mary Levitan Weinstein passed away just one year ago. You can read more here: Judaism on Campus: https:// This message is intended for audiences in the United States only; if this email has reached anyone outside of the United States, please let us know and we will remove you from our sending list. On the maternal line - my mother, her mother, her mother - ie.

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They had two daughters and a son (Rochel, Chaya Sara and Yosef.) The household was Torah Observant, as am I, their Great Grandaughter, Devorah Bayer) Great Grandpa Yosef parnussah came from being a Sofer and a Melamed His brothers and father were also Sofers. Marilyn married Frank Seiden and they have a son, Harold and daughter, Jan. Marilyn’s brother Joseph is married to Susan and they have two sons. Let me know if I made mistakes Ester Yente Gordin (Astanovski) Gender: Female Birth: 1870 Death: 1941 (71) Latvia (murdered by the Nazis) Immediate Family: Daughter of Tana Astanovski Wife of Elkhanan- Hone-aron- Natan Gordin Mother of Tova Dina Gordin and Moshe Gordin Sister of Masha Lachman Esther Gordin was born in Russia (USSR) in 1870 to Tana and Rachel. Children David Rudnitsky ( photo from Vileyka ): Rosalia ( my grandmother - the oldest one ), Boris ( the 2nd one ), Sofia and Michail ( the youngest one ). I'm working on the history of my great-grandfather Michael Finkelstein, trying to discover where he fought during the First World War. She was born in Vienna Irene Helen (Ina) Gutwirth (Duldig) Birth: May 12, 1915 Wien, Österreich Death: August 11, 1987 (72) Melbourne, VIC, Australia Immediate Family: Daughter of Dr. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. It details how to find Jewish communities on campus, lists scholarships for Jewish students, and offers advice for dealing with anti-Semitism on campus.