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Chris angel dating britney spears pics

"Throughout my childhood and into my early teen years, I regularly made the trek from our home in Long Island, New York, to Manhattan, to go on auditions and go-see's," he said.

He has admired master magician Harry Houdini since he was a child.

"I spent endless hours reading books at the library, studying magicians and their legacies," he said.

Though he never attended any traditional post-secondary institutions, Angel honed his craft on the road as he traveled with other performing acts.

After the off-Broadway show wrapped, Angel moved from New York to Las Vegas, where he turned his attention to his next project: a TV series.

Higher education wasn't in the cards for Angel following graduation from East Meadow High."I had to get the word out, so when I wasn't performing, I was promoting." By the time the show closed on Jan.6, 2003, Angel had given more than 600 performances.Despite landing the permanent show, Angel said he continued to work hard and do double-duty to ensure it was a success."I was the man under the baseball cap and dark sunglasses passing out flyers," he said.

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Clarke had reported in his April 11 column that Angel made inappropriate comments to preliminary Miss USA pageant judge Sandy Mecca.

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