Chinese online dating scams

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The photos have been posted on a number of Facebook groups that appear to take a stand against the low-cost apparel websites, which are often based in China and heavily promoted on social networks.

If the pictures are to be believed, some shop websites are taking huge liberties when advertising their clothing online, leading to disappointment among their customers.

Sites for dating Chinese girls online are a fast expanding niche, which one could reasonably anticipate since China has assumed such importance as one of the world's superpowers.

Because of this we made the decision to investigate the best known of these websites for dating beautiful Chinese girls and give you our assessment of the quality of the ones that you see ranking and advertising on the search engines. While the nmber of these sites is growing, the quality is detiorating at an equally fast rate.

Complaints about cheap synthetic fabrics, shoddy decorative designs and inaccurate sizing abound on groups with names such as ‘Knock Off Nightmares’ and others which name and shame particular websites.

These “sketchy” retailers operate under names such as Rose Gal, Rose Wholesale, Dress Lily and Fashion Mia, and according to a recent Buzzfeed investigation, at least eight of them are connected to a single Chinese e-commerce company.

I am u of the for: My goodness there are a fraudz of del scammers from Nanning.

Chnlove and Custodes Custodes Date are the two most cathy davey neil hannon dating website here.

(aka is considered to be among the larger Chinese online dating web-sites, and is one site that is actually centered especially on serious relationships and marriage.

While great sites like China Love and Chinese Love charge low monthly fees for members to have full contact, including video chat (essential to know the other person is real), CHNLove charges for each individual contact, and then allows you to communicate with your “new Chinese girlfriend” only by messaging her through CHNLove, and paying exorbitant translation fees to then be able to understand what she wrote.

Even if she is real and not fake, this is a huge sucker play! We strongly urge you to stay away from this site for dating Chinese girls online and any of the Chinese dating agencies it has partnered with.

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Sad to say the site has recently found itself burdened with a quite negative and reputation for being a scammer operation.

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