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China dating market online

As for customers support it offers 24 hours Live Chat, Email and Phone supports.

When you have problem they will always be ready to help you fix it.

In the past several years many of the big VPN providers have been experiencing connection issues, but Express VPN still works well and keeps providing a solid and reliable VPN service.

Express VPN really provides great speed for users in China and guarantees a pleasant user experience.

You can see that the speed is up to 5 mbps, that’s a very fast.

The servers from Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan have the fastest speeds in Beijing.

Besides, Express VPN always keeps updating its software and app frequently , this is a testament that it has strong tech support which can provide better user experience and more importantly, to bypass the censorship of China.

Many social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are all blocked in mainland China.

The Great Firewall by Chinese government is being constantly updated and Many VPN that once offered services in the past may stop working today.

I live in Beijing, China and keep updating this article each month to make sure you get first-hand information on which one works and which one doesn’t.

I personally use each of the VPN and I confidently recommend to our visitors.

Express VPN is the one of the few VPN services which work well in China.

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