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The other flags merely tell GCC what type of floating point unit we have, tell it to produce hard-floating point code (GCC can create software floating point support instead), and tells GCC what ARM processor architecture we have so that it can produce optimal and compatible assembly/machine code.For the Raspberry-Pi 2 we know that the architecture is different.Although the Raspberry-Pi comes with a good Linux distribution, the Pi is about software development, and sometimes we want a real-time system without an operating system.

In order to use a C compiler, we need to understand what the compiler does and what the linker does in order to generate executable code.Lets compile and link the following program: There are build “scripts” for each of the different types of Raspberry-pi under the part-1/armc-00 directory of the tutorials source code.There are three types, the original which is targeted with built.bat/sh, the B which has the extended IO connector and fixing holes but it still a V1 RPi which is targeting using build-rpi-bplus.bat/sh and finally the V2 board which features a quad core processor and also has the extended IO connector and fixing holes which is targeted with build-rpi-2.bat/sh.The GCC ARM Embedded project on Launchpad gives us a GCC toolchain to use for ARM compilation on either Windows or Linux.I suggest you install it (on Windows I would install it somewhere without spaces in the file path) so that you have it in your path.

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This is all taken care of by an object file which is usually implicitly linked in by the linker because the linker script will include a reference to it.