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Cell phone dating warnings

The dimming function of the outside side view mirrors is activated by the rear view entire center is dark!

This a really nice option for those of us who don't like bright lights in their eyes at night, and is a first for Subaru. The 2016 models should be 2.5i, Premium, and then combine the Limited and Touring.

The center of the dimming outside side view mirror with approach lighting darkens automatically when the rear view mirror detects a bright light approaching from behind at night. The LEDs are on with headlights and parking lights, but not daytime running lights. And hopefully there will continue to be manual transmission 2.5i and Premium models even though there's not much demand for them Other things the 2016 should have Rain sensing front wipers Put roof rails on all models Eyesight standard on the Touring Power memory seat on Touring models Passenger seat really needs a height adjustment on all models 5 or 6 speed front wiper intermittent speeds- currently only 4 speeds.

All previous year Foresters have had controllable transmissions for safety and performance.The 3 year/36,000 mile warranty includes Roadside Assistance program which should include all Subarus the new owner has The 2016s will get finally the new infotainment!Hopefully only the base model will get the 6.2" system and all other models get much better 7" system More small accessories are needed to personalize a car: optional under-car puddle lights, more optional interior ambient, cupholder, dash lights, factory front and rear bumper corner anti-scuff moldings, hood protector etc etc At last, some news has been released, just as the national Subaru dealer meeting is ending.- Touring models lose the navigation system (its now optional), and instead get standard pushbutton start and HID low beams. - fixed the very problematical power rear gate mechanism. Only available on the Limited and Touring models, the overly complicated rear gate needs 4 pages of instructions in the owner's manual (!?Things I wish they had changed on the 2015s but didn't.. ), plus its slow to open and tugging on it makes it not open correctly.

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This would increase the usefulness and value of the roadside assistance program which is generally overlooked by owners, and also of Subaru's support for older Subarus the person owns. It would change the ability of the car for those who know how to use it.

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