Cbs rejects gay dating site ad

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I know that pro-choice organizations were up in arms over the ad -- and there were legitimate concerns about the potrayal of the 'choice' Tebow's mom made; and the organization behind it, James Dobson's Focus on the Family, is, as Tracy Clark-Flory pointed out at Broadsheet, not just antiabortion but specifically and explicitly anti-. But still, even with all of that, I thought, let it air — it a beautiful story, it might change the mind of a skittish 25 year old nervously wondering about her options — or provide comfort to a 17 year old sitting in the room with stern parents, who had none. Just as long as it's clear that the ladies in their bras are with the men in their undies and vice versa.

And the Tebow ad, presented by all accounts as a simple moral choice, did not take into account the circumstances of the pregnancy, the potential complications nor potential threats to the mother's life, nor present a balanced look at all the factors surrounding that kind of highly personal decision regarding a woman and her body. At this point in the abortion debate, each side knows what it stands for and what it wants (though only one side is willing to allow that women can make that choice in either direction! This network, which has no problem carving up various unlucky victims across NCIS and numerous CSI franchises, decreed the two-dudes-kissing ad to be "not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday." Oh but seeing the dude below in his briefs is okay, because there's no danger of him kissing any nearby man. Anything else is too confusing for CBS' chest-thumping football-loving man-viewers and the curvacious blondes refilling their Cheeto bowls.

We are partners in our community, not apart from it.

This week, even gay and lesbian Americans will gather by their TV sets and in popular sports bars or in family gatherings to watch the Super Bowl.

Venues such as Georgie’s Alibi and Sidelines in Wilton Manors will be packed, having established themselves as popular gay sports bars.

The Super Bowl promises to be a spectacular game between two great teams with awesome aerial attacks.

It was fundamentally about choice - about the choice of a mother to keep her baby, which is a choice that resulted in a talented and seemingly highly moral, decent kid who happens to be ginormous football star.

CBS has REJECTED the scary Mancrunch ad featuring two football fans realizing they leurve each other and making out furiously. My God, the lingerie-clad ladies in that PETA commercial had to near-hump a broccoli to be banned. Oh my God stop the presses, sexy ladies have big boobies.

) but CBS, you're a broadcast network, and you are on the airwaves by the good grace of the public that you serve in so doing.

Yes yes to budgets and creative license — hello, NBC's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno! You can't have it both ways — you really gotta pick.

In other gay news, Gay-dating site claims CBS has rejected its proposed Super Bowl commercial because it features two men making out on a couch.

You know, I had no problem with Tim Tebow's pro-life Superbowl ad.

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CBS should work to partner with the gay community and not alienate it.

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