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An investment of Rs 10,000 in Bharat 22 ETF on March 17, 2006 would have grown to Rs 44,475, compared to S&P BSE Sensex’s Rs 34,084 and Nifty 50’s Rs 34,879.

HDFC Mutual Fund is one of the largest mutual funds in India with an investor base of over 25 lakh which is serviced primarily by our vide network of distributors.Allotment will be made only in demat form and trading too will take place in demat form on BSE and NSE post allotment.As per test reports, Bharat 22 ETF has offered superior risk adjusted returns.This ETF is being managed by ICICI Prudential AMC, comprises select companies from the private sector having an exposure to the extent of 39 per cent while the rest are public sector firms.The Bharat-22 exchange traded fund (ETF) that aims to raise an initial amount of Rs 8,000 crore for government, is opening for subscription on and will close on .


Neither, the Mutual Fund, the Trustees, AMC nor any person connected with it accepts any liability arising from the use of this information.

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