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The Upshot provides news, analysis and graphics about politics, policy and everyday life. You might be interested in learning about mankind’s recent desire to mix sexual pleasure with, well..But what happens when the cameras are on the chests of police officers?The results of the largest, most rigorous study of police body cameras in the United States came out Friday morning, and they are surprising both police officers and researchers.In a report on the policies governing police body cams in 50 major departments, Upturn and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights found that many cities have weak rules in place. But they admit to being surprised by the findings.“I thought it would make a difference on police and civilian behavior — particularly for officers, and this is the exception, who might be more inclined to misbehave,” said the M. One hypothesis is that officers got used to the cameras and became desensitized to them.Those rules can allow departments to refuse to share footage with civilians who want to file complaints, for example. “In cities that have weaker policies, it’s certainly possible that the cameras may be doing more harm than good.” Like other advocacy groups, the American Civil Liberties Union has supported body cameras. But the researchers saw no difference in behavior during the initial phase, when the cameras were new.C., nonprofit consulting company that studies how technology affects social issues. “The results call into question whether police departments should be adopting body-worn cameras, given their high cost.”The federal government has given police departments more than million to invest in body cameras, and state and local authorities have spent many millions more. About 40 percent of it is deleted within 90 days, while the rest is to be kept for months, years or decades, depending on the statute of limitations for the charges connected to the footage.

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Officers in Washington captured five times as many hours of video.

The larger sample size and the long-term way the cameras were assigned added to the reliability of the D. results.“This is the most important empirical study on the impact of police body-worn cameras to date,” said Harlan Yu from Upturn, a Washington, D. officers collect about a thousand hours of footage a day.

Cities that lack such accountability in their police culture may find cameras more effective, under this theory.

(The Rialto Police Department had been reeling from a series of scandals when the Rialto study showed a large impact from cameras.)Even if cameras do not reduce violent encounters, they can still offer other kinds of benefits: for training, or to hold a rogue officer accountable after the fact.

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This half-hour documentary takes an inside look at the consequences for law enforcement and communities, from the rollout to the courtroom. Traffic cameras significantly decrease speeding and fatal accidents.

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