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Have the musicians had time to reflect on their newfound fame? "I don't think we ever thought it would get remotely this big as fast as it did.

Two of the album's four singles, "Lazy Eye" and "Well Thought Out Twinkles", made the top 10 of the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in 2007."Lazy Eye" is also featured in the video games Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour, one of only 13 songs to be featured in both games.

I started working with them during the last few legs of their Carnavas tour."Photo: Todd Berkowitz Michaud says that the NOTW tour is carrying the most production the band has ever carried, including audio and lighting packages.

Produced by Jacknife Lee (U2, Two Door Cinema Club, Crystal Castles) and mixed by GRAMMY winner Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, Nine Inch Nails, Royal Blood), sees the band once again managing the tricky task of existing more than a few steps ahead of the curve.

But the foursome actually formed in 2000, spending years playing the L. club circuit before inking a deal with Dangerbird Records and releasing the EP Pikul in 2005.

"We all worked in the film industry, on commercials and shows as [production assistants]," Lester says. We all worked for some interesting bosses — I'll leave it at that." Names? Now, when they perform on the likes of Letterman and Leno, the band gets to be on the other side of the camera — in front of millions of viewers. It's in the back of our heads like, 'Wow, things are going good.' "But we've never sat down and thought about it," he continues.

"But I'm not knocking Snow Patrol or anything," he quickly adds.

"It's trippy playing in front of 6,000 people." Does a musician feel more pressure playing in front of 6,000 people as opposed to 60? Playing in a club, you better be right on because people are more apt to walk out or go get a beer," Lester says. The place is so big and bright, you're not able to see past the third or fourth row — can't really tell if the crowd's into it, just hope they'll applaud.

"Lazy Eye" is the album's debut single and the band's first legitimate hit, having recently cracked the Top 20 on Billboard's Hot Modern Rock Tracks.

"Playing at smaller places — if you suck, then they'll let you know it.

I guess I like clubs just because of that immediate response." To most, it seems the band burst on the scene right out of the gate.

That's what happens when you're one of the biggest new indie rock bands around.

"We were way more nervous for Letterman," Lester says.

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