Boleslav dating mlada

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Boleslav dating mlada

For example, the Mladá Boleslav plant produced nearly 6,500 Tatra 805 vehicles during 1952–1955, but production of this freight vehicle was then moved to the V. The latter was fitted with a screw propeller enabling it to move at speeds of up to 10 km/h in water, and its maximum speed on the road was 85 km/h.

The equipment included a lightweight machine gun and two rifles between the seats plus an assault rifle on the driver’s left-hand side.

The presence of Jews in Mladá Boleslav (Ger., Jungbunzlau; known to Jews as Bumsla) was documented by the second half of the fifteenth century.

Until the nineteenth century, Jews comprised roughly 10 percent of all inhabitants.

The first multi-axle-drive experiments were conducted in the late 1930s.

ŠKODA produced several prototypes of three-axle buses with both rear axles driven, but these projects never reached the production stage. The Czech Army Headquarters had invited tenders for a vehicle to be used by high-ranking officers in field operations, and ŠKODA had participated in that public tender with the 903, a vehicle prototyped in 1936 (with three prototypes produced in total).

Inspired by the ŠKODA 650, a passenger car, the prototype design featured a 45 k W three-litre, six-cylinder engine and three axles (six-wheels), with the two rear axles driven. Vehicle assembly operations in the Mladá Boleslav plant were limited during the Nazi occupation, but the ŠKODA 903 was one of the few vehicles included into the production portfolio.

The plant manufactured an additional 42 vehicles of this type during 1939–1942.

The ŠKODA 903 had a top speed of 100 km/h, managed a maximum uphill gradient of 45 %, and had average petrol consumption of 25 l/100 km.

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In 1615, the number of adult Jews was 120, but this figure rose to 775 in 1687 due to the immigration of Polish Jews and Jews expelled from Vienna by Leopold I in 1670.