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Maybe you're reconsidering those moves and you want to know, "Hey, should I be thinking about making a change now? So this question to rebrand or not to re, it is tough because you know that when you do that rebrand, you will almost certainly take a traffic hit, and SEO is one of the biggest places where people typically take that traffic hit. We saw a dip in our traffic over about 3 to 4 months before it fully recovered, and I would say that dip was between 15% and 25% of our search traffic, depending on week to week.

I'll link to a list of metrics that I put on my personal blog,, so that you can check those out if you'd like to see them. One of the questions that people always have is, "Well wait, did you lose rankings for SEO since SEO used to be in your domain name? In fact, six months after the move, we were ranking higher for SEO related terms and phrases.

I don't love having to have "and" in a domain name. Previously Star has been redirecting to Sci Fi Toys And, and you're thinking, "Well, man, is it the right time to make this move? How memorable and amplifiable is your current brand?

So we've talked before about redirection moves best practices.

As has been suggested, the ANC-led government has moved toward rather orthodox macroeconomic policies to accommodate these constraints, much to the dismay of its labor and communist party alliance partners (see, e.g., Marais, 1998). "Discussion Document by the Government of National Unity on the Consultative and Implementation Framework for the Restructuring of the State Assets." Pretoria: Ministry, July 25.

Still, as Webster & Adler (1999) suggest and the communications reform process illustrates, movements resisting liberalization may be able to create new institutions through which they process their demands.

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Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday.

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Just as IP internet working was accompanied by new security requirements, so are XML Web Services.

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