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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Another way is the search for children's benefits under the government page. If theyhad a school trip I had to go.he couldn`t ,this even included skating! He was always introuble with the law.couldn`t get along in groups. I ended up taking him out of school and doing some one on one home schooling. Send them on here or in my inbox on here as well!!! I have a son who is ADHD and a daughter who hasn't been diagnosed yet, but probably ADD.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... If you still get stuck then just email me and I will provide a number for you. He was destructive and very violent at times.especially when one medication would wear was time to shove another couple of pills down his throat. EVERY morning was a screaming night time.wasn`t tired.was hungry..because the meds took away his appetite during the the meds kept him awake at night. The reason i am writing a post is to let you know that eventually they do start to understand. These kids can not handle "open spaces"or crowded just freak out. I know for a fact that YOUR child has a right to an equal education and the school will have to do whatever means possible to make sure of that. If it means that they will have to provide a social worker JUST for YOUR kid, then that's what they will HAVE 2 do. I just know that it is the LAW that YOUR kid has to go to school, so stand firm and know that u are not alone.There are answers, just remain positive, and never ever give up on him!He needs to know that there is one person his lonely world he can trust. Scarletti have a son with adhd,autism and pervasive developmental delay,sleep disorder.there is a agency called wings for behavior specialist at child his diagnosis he would be elgible through your health insurance I have a 9 year old son who has ADHD with learning disabilities. They are also great as a go between for you and the resource teacher at school. They have great resources in all areas including offering respite care, counselling, cost with medication and a whole range of things.

Try martial arts, or just plain ask him what he would like to do with his body. Above all, be his advocate at school, because they will make you feel like there is no hope. his diagnosis & assessment information determaind he has A. I was just told last year about ODSP for children, they help out a lil' each month for clothing, meds and any other extras here & there. My son's father hasn't seen him since he was 9 months old.... D in April of 2004 (just before he turned 5) And then re-done again in November of 2005 with not only having A. Also ask about a family school liason to be assigned to you at school. I have a daughter with ADHD and a son with a developmental delay and a deadbeat ex who wants to only play favourite uncle type now and then. Hope that helps I never heard about that, so thank you very much!!!! Type that into your browser and hit search, it should come up. okay.son with the majority of the chemical imbalances.HELL from about 6 until about 15,and believe me ..there were alot of very stressful times. and yes even mothers out there that it's sickning!! Hi there, it is thru the child and family services authority and they use the accronym of FSCD.

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I new from the moment I was carrying him that he was 'special'.

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