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Visiting Ho Chi Minh City is a chance to experience cultures and tradition steeped in history as well as moulded by the modernities of contemporary life.Vietnamese cuisine is some of the healthiest in the world and makes use of delicious flavours with a variety of herbs and spices.There is also no shortage of beach activities and cultural experiences for you to enjoy, as well as excellent shopping opportunities whether you’re in Bangkok or in Phuket.Vietnam The beaches of Non Nuoc in Vietnam are nothing short of breathtaking and are ideal for relaxing under an umbrella on the soft, warm sand and taking the occasional dip in the East Vietnam Sea.We offer magnificent cruises to Southern Asian countries, enabling you to experience the diversity and excitement of this fascinating destination.Thailand Besides the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand also offers some of the most exquisite beaches in the world, whether you take a day’s boating excursion, or simply take a walk down the road from your port of call, you’ll be lounging in paradise in no time.Most singles cruises seem to attract a wide range of eligible singles, although there is normally a cluster in the 30-50 age range.Many singles cruises now offer age-related events, however, with common groupings for seniors, baby boomers, and the under 35 set.

Some singles cruise companies even offer roommate matching services, but these are still relatively rare for singles-specific events.

Book an eligible stateroom on any qualifying sailing and receive a free upgrade!

In some cases, you'll be upgraded to a more desirable location aboard your ship.

Having said that, many singles cruises include all of the standard amenities on board, as well as entry into all of the specific singles events handled by the host company.

A separate dining and socializing area will probably also be provided for all of the singles on the cruise as well, separate from the other guests on board.

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Rarely do singles cruises have a 50/50 split of singles, however, and different singles cruise companies seem to attract different ratios of men and women.