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Areyoudatingaloser com

You do not need to justify your decisions or your behavior, and you do not need to deal with what ifs.

As such, every interaction will probably go smoother if it is brief and to the point.

You may find it helpful to set goals for what needs to be accomplished in interactions.

That way, you can tie your conversation to the goals then, once they’re accomplished, end the interaction.

I don’t know if he would really do that, but I assume that as a Loser in distress he is pretty much capable of anything.

Do you have any suggestions on how to handle communication in my situation?

I am currently on sick leave and not able to lift or carry anything, so that makes moving out even more complicated, but I have made arrangements so as not to depend on him for that.

People who are manipulative often try to keep you hooked, and one of the best ways to do that is to get you emotionally involved.Consequently, keeping emotion out of any interactions with your husband is crucial.If he tries to engage you in an argument or asks a manipulative question (like he did with the question about losing his job), you can either change the subject or end the conversation.For example, if you don’t want him coming to your home, let him know that you will leave or call the police if he shows up there.If you want minimal contact with him, tell him that you will only communicate via email or text.

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This may include talking with the police about your options, keeping a cell phone in an immediately accessible place, changing the locks, getting a dog, or any other thing that will help keep him away from you.

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