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Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Hereupon I wrote my letters in November last, opening this case, and humbly praying Her Majesty's pleasure therein. We have, moreover, a particular in- stance of these hardships inflicted upon one of the clergy — the Rev. 401 termination of these inflictions and oppressions, and a very- notable instance of "the tables being turned at last.'' The account is to be found in vol. He returned immediately to the house, where the intruder was setting the tythes of his parish, sur- rounded by a great number of people. And if you don't deliver up the security in ten minutes, I will have you hanged on the high road of Kilmurry.' The priest turned pale, and trembled in his seat of office. 6 die May, and Pre- bend de Inniscathrie, also Kilrush, 4/. This was the party who signed the Clonmacnoise Manifesto, already alluded to ; also prior to this, had put his name to another document of dread significance, viz., " A declaration of the Ecclesiastical Congregation of both Cleargies of Ireland, as- sembled together in the name of the Holy Ghost at AVaterford," In this " all and singular confederate Catholiques who shall adhere to the said peace (of Ormonde) or consent with the favourers of it, or after any other manner shall entcrtane or embrace it, is absolutely to be accounted perjured. Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. And now the party renewing the matter unto me (I presume -v^ ith your Lordship's good favour) humbly pray your favourable con- sideration thereof to perfection. Lord Clare's dragoons galloped through the village in confusion, pushing for the pass of Moyarta. Barclay's tythe-books were submissively returned to him ; and the Protestants of Clare for fifty years after drank to ^Barclay's Security' in a bumper-toast."^ Of one other clergyman a word — the Rev. In the First -fruit Books his name and entrance upon the parish of Kilrush are thus recorded : — " Johes Yandaleur, Cler. The other question concerning Excommunication we have referred until the next sessions. ^' John Laonens, Episcopus.'' (Fifth name on the list.) This is copied from a London reprint, in which also appears the actual promulgation of the sentence of excom- munication of the Cleargie of Kilkenny for adhering to the peace concluded between the Councell and Ormond. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. And with a genuine good nature he forwarded his letter to Burleigh. 102) a farther proof of King James's zeal to preserve the Acts of Settlement. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Mauritius, however, found out, through Burleigh no doubt, a good deal of what Malachias had not told Hosted by Google 46 THE DIOCESE OF KILLALOE, ETC., IN THE him about, viz., that he was appointed by Papal provision per obitum Terentii to the See of Killaloe. It is well known that the address of the Lord Chief Justice Keating in behalf of the purchasers under the Acts of Settlement and Explanation, and the Lord Bishop of Meath's speech, set down at large in this author's appendix, were subsequent to several conferences King James had with several of the Members of the House of Commons, and with a Committee of that House, in presence of the Lord Chief Justice Nugent, Lord Chief Baron Eice, Judge Daily, and Attorney General ISI eagle, and others of the Privy Council, where King James plainly laid before them the unreason- ableness of their proceeedings. Though the work is narrative rather than controversial, an interesting episode of the latter kind will be found in a note on page 81, in Appendix VIII. Thus, for instance, the earliest form of ecclesiastical structure is the Beehive Blouse. Adjoining this is an example of the second class of ecclesiastical structure, the Oratory, the erection of which is attributed to Senan, w^ho lived in the sixth century, and whose chief settle- ment was at Scattery Island." So far of the remains of the ^^ Island of the Starving Bishop," as it is called. Passing by the oratory at Nouhaval, called by the natives Davoran's Tomb, and the remains of two others at Carran Church, on the road between Lemaneigh Castle and New Quay, we may find additional Hosted by Google INTRODUCTORY. This was in 1573, and it is presumed that Malachias betook himself to Ireland, where after three years, or in 1576, he was trans- lated to Kilmacduagh. 359 visitation " through, ignorance and inadvertency," were justly decreed contumacious for contempt, and incui Tcd the dreadful sentence of excommunication, being thereby made unfit to partake of the prayers of the Church, or of the Sacrament of the body and blood of Christ, for all which they are heartily sorrow, &c., pray absolution and admission into Church. His ill-starred project in Ireland succeeded fully in nothing else but in producing one most needful and much to be desired consummation — the reconciliation and harmonizing of individual liberty and Parliamentary representation with the action of an hereditar}^ and limited monarchy— to the vast advantage of establishing coustitutional government and of securing a due protection and free scope for the reformed faith. Tliomas Spciight, Esquire ^ Rider, which shall be inserted thus ( ) in the order of time into Dr, Cotton's statement based on Ware, concerning this prelate. Patrick for arrears of salary, and there is an enrollment (C. 1660—1689) of a lease made by the Chapter to his brother for his "satisfaction." He was afterwards promoted to Killcenny College, and he educated there two sons of Primate Margetson, several of the Usher family, and Dean Swift.) He became also Prebendary of Mulhuddart, in St. In 1692 ^Vrchdeacon of Ossory, from whence he was advanced to this See by Patent, dated June 5th, and was consecrated on the Sunday following (June 11) in the parish church of Dunboyne, in the County Meath, by the Archbishop of Cashel, assisted by the Bishops of Limerick and Killala. William Reeves, Dean of Armagh, the following very important Regal Visitation is presented. R3^der prefixed is of great value, as illustrating the point already noticed, that this diocese suflered considerably from impropriations, and that the evil was not corrected, nor even equitably modified, as suggested by the Bishop.

Wherc A^er the masons may have come from, or whether Oriental models or traditions may have been before their minds, the earlier forms of oratories recall the Cloghauns of the Isles of Aran — a kind of building of stones laid one upon another, which are brought to a roof without any manner of mortar to cement them, some of which cabins will hold '^' forty men on the floor, so ancient that nobody knows how long ago any of them were made ; scarcity of wood and store of fit stones, as that, perad venture, found out the first mvention. and afterwards to a wider circle of ecclesiastical illumination. Be- cause it was said he was ready to confer with any learned man in that matter, and would not be found obstinate being persuaded. Clare, decline to act as executors of last will of Henry ~W hite of Carrigtoher. On Hosted by Google 358 THE DIOCESE OF KILLALOE, ETC., IN THE the fourth page, which doubtless was the outside or verso of the docu- ment, appears the following : — " Acoumpt of Mr. Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. In fact guileless Mauritius found out that his suppliant was his rival and anti- Eishop, and intended to write after his name " Malachias Laonensis,'' having the sanction of the Queen super-added to that of the Pope already in his pocket — provided only he could get out of prison and make his little plot go on well. That it was not proper to enter into so great a matter as the destroying the said Act in time of war, when all parties could not be heard. About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Accord- ingly Malachias (though secretly " giving Popish counsel to some of the Archbishop of Canterbury's servants'') put on a bold face and appeared before the Privy Council. And some of the Roman Catholic judges asserted, not only to the King, but to the said Committee and to several of both Houses of Parliament and of the Privy Council, that it was unjust to break the Acts and destroy purchasers, widows, orphans, merchants, and all tmders, on pretence to relieve widows and oi Tphans. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. (Harris Ware.) AUTOGRAPHS OF BISHOPS OF KILLALOE, &c. B., VICAR OF DRUMCLIFFE AND CANON OF DYSERT, IN THE DIOCESE OF KILLALOE. Here he submitted, protested, confessed, promised, repented, bewailed his Popish superstition and idolatry. And one of the Ptoman Catholic Judges did reduce this to writing, and showed it to Lord Chief Justice Keating, who had a copy of it, as appears under his hand, and that the Lord Bishop of Meath had the jjerusal of it, and as I am credibly informed, had a copy of it. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . com/ IL L -^^^^^Sit^f T^^ Hosted by Google ARMS OF THE BISHOPS OF KILLALOE AND SEAL OF THE DEAN AND CHAPTER. ^^ 01 Hosted by Google '•e«^ THE DIOCESE OF KILLALOE EROM THE REFORMATION CLOSE OE THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. ' IP THE LORD HIMSELF HAD NOT BEEN ON OUR SIDE WHEN MEN JIOSE UP AGAINST US."— Psalm CXXIY. It may be allowable to mention that the following pages were written amidst the manifold cares and labours incidental to a parish minister. And to crown all with a brilliant climax, swore a solemn oath on the Holy Evangelists to bear to the Queen true allegiance, and that he would devote his future life to her service. After ten days' deliberation he made one more appeal, and in April, 1573, was released. At another place the same writer remarks :— " I am very sensible of the many ill steps made in King James's Government, and above all, of the mischievous consequence of the Lord Tyrconnel's administration, which the most of any one thing, brought on the misfortunes of his master." (P.

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