An exception was thrown during while updating the dns cache

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A client signals that it no longer wants to use a channel by closing it.After this operation, the channel cannot be used any longer. A process can select an address from this list and send a unicast message to it (also to itself), or it may send a multicast message to all members of the current view (also including itself).

When a message is received it will be handed up the protocol stack until it reaches the channel.

The system keeps track of the members in every group, and notifies group members when a new member joins, or an existing member leaves or crashes. Groups do not have to be created explicitly; when a process joins a non-existing group, that group will be created automatically.

Processes of a group can be located on the same host, within the same LAN, or across a WAN. It consists of 3 parts: (1) the Channel used by application programmers to build reliable group communication applications, (2) the building blocks, which are layered on top of the channel and provide a higher abstraction level and (3) the protocol stack, which implements the properties specified for a given channel. Whenever the application sends a message, the channel passes it on to the protocol stack, which passes it to the topmost protocol.

This was a major boost for JGroups because now other developers could work on the code.

From then on, the page hits and download numbers for JGroups have steadily risen.

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At the time they were working on their third generation group communication prototype, called Ensemble.

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