Amanda demme dating

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Amanda demme dating

This Amanda chick has been reportedly linked to none-other than Lindsay Lohan.

Actress Jodie Foster gave a speech for her lifetime achievement honor at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards Sunday night and mentioned her ex, movie producer Cydney Bernard.

It was an unforgettable moment for the Golden Globes show.

Joaquin Phoenix, also credited as Leaf Phoenix, is an actor born in Puerto Rico on October 28, 1974 under the name of Joaquin Raphael Bottom.

Her mother, film producer Brandy Almond, and her father, retired air force colonel Lucius Foster, broke up before her birth and her mother later lived with another woman.

The latest split comes just two years after the very private Miss Foster, 46, openly acknowledged her long-time partnership with film producer Miss Cydney Bernard.

Ms Mort previously left her former lover to be with the actress.

Miss Foster remained tight-lipped about her sexuality for decades and still refused to employ household staff for fear that they would leak details of her home life to the media.Miss Foster is also known to avoid using the phone and was only recently encouraged to own a mobile.The actress - whose received two Best Actress Oscars for her role as a rape victim in the 1989 film The Accused and as a FBI trainee in the 1991 smash hit The Silence of the Lambs - was brought up in a lesbian family.The 46-year-old actress was, according to reports in U. magazine the National Enquirer, devastated after the 34-year-old left her.Sources close to Foster have revealed that she is miserable from her split.

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It's been reported that Jodie has been allegedly dumped by Cindy Mort, the woman Jodie has been romantically linked to since she left her girlfriend Cydney Bernard.

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