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No cp or bestial please (although someone relieving themselves while out walking the dog might be acceptable). A bit of shopping, a movie, sushi, wine, and a nice big doobie to finish things off.She had her "monthly visitor" but I wasn't worried, she's very diligent in making sure I'm taken care of.Her sexy tiny frame and sweet little a-cups exposed to the air and my eyes got me instantly aroused.

The video itself was a pov (the guy with the camera had a familiar sounding voice) and it started at a porn store where she gave him a public blowjob.

Letting him lift my blouse while standing nearby other shoppers.

he starts sucking my exposed breasts, tugging & licking the nipples.

The anticipation of a new sensation was almost too much. At first, I was suprised to find that, thanks to our silky bodywash, there was no pain.

It was awkward at first, but as I began to feel shivers run through me, I knew that I had begun to enjoy it. ," was all I could muster as my body began convulsing with pleasure.

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She started slowly moving in and out of me, quickening subtly over time. She began to move her finger on that spot over and over again, while ever so slowly stroking my raging hardon. And as she quickened her hand and her finger, I simply couldn't stand it any more.