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Accouts sex chat

After the kids had moved out me and my wife both had more time than before, I started to jog almost daily and my wife added two more working out days, from one to three times a week.

My wife has grown over the years, yes, some is fat but her muscles have really grown and now they got harder. So the physical status between us reversed little by little.

her mother is able to carry four people included me! Wow I said there is nothing better than being carried upstairs on your Amazon wife's shoulders.

She lifts daily on her hip,gives me cradle,bearhug,frontlift,piggyback.....

Anonymous I was lifted by my girl friend who is two four inch shorter than me but she's very i love to be carried by her on the hip coz its got some other hand to do something.

I said to her that it was a good idea for you to get the bench and I was really happy she was looking good. When he was in my arms like this, very vulnerable, I felt more inloved with him than in many years. He never says anything, he just accepts it and I know he likes it.

I didn't get a chance to watch her work outbecause of my hours but did notice that she had 75lbs. Something new also happened, I am always on top when we make love, he actually caresses my muscles when we make love, I have quite big biceps and shoulder muscles for a woman in her 50's, and I have a lower body to match.

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