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Accomodating students with learning

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or make suggestions.Many of the adaptations that you make to your child care program will be simple.There are also important differences between legal and reasonable accommodations and this should be clarified for ABE teachers who may be responsible for providing them.Another aspect of this article to note has to do with its periodic use of the term ‘learning disabled students’ instead of the more accepted term ‘students with learning disabilities’.

It would be helpful, however, to have more clarification regarding the difference between a strategy and an accommodation, especially regarding what accommodations might be requested for the GED tests and the criteria for approving or denying those requests.Always remember, that no 2 students learn the same, be patient and continue to differentiate both instruction and assessment as much as possible.Many child care providers work with children who have disabilities or special needs.More clarification on accommodations may be needed for the reader from other sources.Yes, accommodations are required by law, when the learning disabilities have been diagnosed with approved assessment instruments.

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page_id=18LDA Minnesota Website: Online Website: Math Learning Disabilities, by Kate Garnett, 1998 Special Education Resources: The Math Page: called: Math Remediation and Learning Strategies Website - This website no longer includes the references it had when the article was written.)Montana State University: Accommodation To The Mathematics Core Curriculum Requirement For Students With Math Learning Problems Caused By Learning Disabilities Website: University of Washington’s Do-It: The Faculty Room Website: education programs have a large percentage of adult students with learning disabilities, including math disabilities, although many of those students have never been formally diagnosed by a licensed professional.