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Instead of focusing on quality, the S&P 500 blindly picks the market’s largest companies by market cap.

And that means when you buy any financial product tied to the S&P 500, such as an ETF or index fund…yes, you may end up with exposure to some of the best companies in the world…but you may also end up with exposure to some low-quality business for no other reason than these low-quality businesses happen to be big.

This means that a company can only be included in the Fool 100 after undergoing a painstaking selection and review process by our team of analysts.

This is the same review and selection process that has led to the success of many of The Motley Fool’s publications.

Motley Fool Asset Management, LLC and Motley Fool Wealth Management, LLC are affiliates of The Motley Fool (“TMF”), and all investment decisions for investment products and client portfolios are made independently by the asset managers at MFAM and MFWM.

Inclusion of a security in an index is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold that security.

Unlike its affiliates, TMF is not registered with the SEC and is not permitted to provide investment advice.

Neither TMF nor its respective directors, officers, employees or affiliates make any representation regarding the advisability of investing in any security or instrument.

The Fool 100 is a new market-cap weighted index that measures the performance of The Motley Fool’s 100 largest investment ideas.

Every company included in the index is incorporated and listed in the US.


The point is simply that because the Fool 100 tries to only include high quality companies with smart management teams, we believe that we have a better chance of avoiding exposure to companies like Enron and Lehman Brothers.

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