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On Sunday the newspaper declared Clarke to be a self-confessed paedophile.

He was quoted admitting as much, and a Sri Lankan "friend" - head of current affairs at the Sri Lankan Broadcasting Company - alleged that Clarke was still having sex with boys "a few months ago".

Thanks to the centre, and Clarke's generosity with his contacts, many Sri Lankan scientists punch well above their nation's weight in research and development.In fact, early this year, it was announced in the news by the President of the Philippines that there will be more POEA jobs for Canada.This will number up to about 25,000 jobs waiting for Pinoy OFWs who want to work abroad.None the less, he asked that his knighthood ceremony be postponed so not to embarrass the Prince of Wales. Arthur C Clarke is still going to be Sir Arthur but the ceremony may have to wait for his reincarnation in another galaxy.That seemed the implication of the announcement from the seaside home of the prophet of the Space Age yesterday, as the impact of the Sunday Mirror's story slowly sank in to this sleepy corner of the global village.

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It is posted in the official website of the POEA as well as in major newspapers in the country.